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Home Sweet Home by Stacy Iset Hsu

Moda Panel 36" X 44"

100% cotton . 44" wide


Available Quantity is # of panels

  • Combined shipping rates will automatically apply


Please Note:  If you are buying out the end of the bolt there is always a chance that there might not be quite enough.  It is always hard to judge just exactly how much is left on the bolt.  Sometimes there is more, sometimes less.   I WILL NEVER ship out an order if there is not the exact amount left.  I will get in touch with you first to see if you want all that is left with a refund for the difference or if you need to cancel the order.  If you need more than what is listed, you might contact me & see if there is more left on the bolt ~ many times there is. 

Home Sweet Home 20500 11 PANEL 3 Bears

SKU: 20570 11
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