Equilateral triangles have never been easier. Great for Baby Blocks and Thousand Pyramids quilts and for patterns like Seven Sisters that combine hexagons or diamonds with equilateral triangles.


Measuring with our multiple-size 60-degree rulers is easy! They work perfectly with our hexagon family of templates (Sets G, H and N, Hexagon Ruler, Half-Hexagon Ruler, 60-degree Diamond Ruler). Other equilateral triangle rulers measure the height of the triangle from the center of the bottom to the top point. Our rulers measure the triangle on the side. In fact, all From Marti Michell family members are size-defined by the length of the finished side because it is the only measurement that is common to all of the shapes in the family.

  • Color: Clear
  • Made of: Acrylic

Marti Michell 60 TRIANGLE RULER 2" -6"

SKU: MM8962