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 Quilt measures  - 60" X 70"
Over the years, most of my favorite quilts have been reproduced or at least modeled on vintage quilts that I have in my collection or that I have seen somewhere at an antique store or flea market. There is just something about them that I can't quite describe but they often have a feel of history and a classic appeal and a homey touch all at once. This is one of those quilts. We have done it in this pattern in both more of a reproduction color scheme as well as a more updated version made out of our newest fabric collection. I love them both!


Fabrics: The classic version uses an orange fabric from our Tapestry collection, a mix of cream prints for the backgrounds and a variety of dark browns, blacks and plums from Honeysweet, Tapestry and other MODA lines. The "fresh" aqua version uses our new Somerset fabrics for a completely different look and feel.

Fig Tree SWEET SIXTEEN Pattern

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