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contains 44 Foundation paper pieces ~ recipe cards
Required Ingredients:
1 Cake Mix recipie cards

1 Layer Cake + 1 matching Charm pack

1 Bella Solid Layer Cake or 42 - 10" background squares (3 1/8 Yards)

1 Moda Bella Solid Charm Pack or 42 - 5" background squares
Pair one print Layer Cake square with one solid Layer Cake square and pin one recipe card (foundation paper) over it.  Sew on the dotted lines, cut on the solid lines to make Half Square triangles & squares.  Put together how you want to make quilt squares.  4 different block suggestions available.
There are many YouTube videos demonstrating using Cupcake Mix recipe cards.


Miss Rosie's CUPCAKE MIX RECIPE 9 Foundation Layer Cake 44 Cards

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