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Play All Day by American Jane

There are 4 different fabric prints running selvage to selvage (if you look at the photo, one end of the selvage starts on the left and the other is on the far right.  So the fold is in the middle.) . Each print is about 9 3/4" wide.  The tape measure that divides each print is 1/2" wide.   
If you order 1/2 yard, each print would be 9 3/4" X 18"
This is perfect for building your stash!

Moda Fabric by the Half Yard

100% cotton . 44" wide


Available Quantity is in 1/2 yard increments

  • Put 1 in your cart for 1/2 yard, 2 in your cart for 1 yard, 3 in your cart for 1 1/2 yards, etc
  • Your fabric will be cut in one continuous piece
  • Combined shipping rates will automatically apply


Please Note:  If you are buying out the end of the bolt there is always a chance that there might not be quite enough.  It is always hard to judge just exactly how much is left on the bolt.  Sometimes there is more, sometimes less.   I WILL NEVER ship out an order if there is not the exact amount left.  I will get in touch with you first to see if you want all that is left with a refund for the difference or if you need to cancel the order.  If you need more than what is listed, you might contact me & see if there is more left on the bolt ~ many times there is. 

Play All Day 21741 14 Green 4 in 1 Moda American Jane

SKU: 21741 14
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